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Fair Trade

Embroidering of the shawl

Social contribution
After the printing and dying, the shawls are hemmed manually and given embroidered frames by women in rural areas. This is done is groups, which has an important social function. The work is physically not very difficult and the women enjoy their work. Because of the cooperation with a NGO, the women receive a fair salary for their work plus other services and support from the NGO.

Inspiration through typography
Working with language is very inspiring for the Bengali people. In their struggle to become independent from Pakistan, their own language, Bengali, played an important role: Language Movement.
This might stimulate producers of the shawls to apply their own language in a project, since the typography of the shawls has important function in the production.

Land of production
Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Limited (NGO). Bangladesh, Dhaka, and the rural (countryside) areas.

The production proces